Sunday, May 4, 2014

Making a rag throw

The man of the house said that we need more color in our home.  So I decided to make a throw to add some color to a brown couch that is in the living room.  I had a broom skirt that I have never worn which had vivid colors so I used it with some bright solid colored fabric.
The following fabrics I cut into strips:

I bought a German flannel blanket from which was a better value than buying the flannel at a fabric store.  I layered the skirt fabric, the flannel and a solid fabric to make 3 layers and then sewed a stitch down each strip.  Then I lined up the strips in a pleasing to the eye order and sewed each strip together.  Then I clipped all the seams.  Earlier I made a rag bedspread and had trouble clipping with regular scissors.  I bought new scissors at walmart that made this process so much easier. 
The following is a picture of the scissors I used to clip the seams.
Then, a trip to the laundry in town to wash and that caused the seams to fray.  Then home to my dryer because I think that the commercial dryers are way too hot.  The following pictures show the final products.  As you can see, I had enough fabric for 2 throws.


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